Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cheap out of date foods online (UK)

I found 2 cool places to order foods (and some household items) at reduced prices:

The stock available is updated daily and some weeks have more bargains than others but there are usually some great offers. The prices are cheap but with there is a minimum order of £15. There is also about £5 delivery charge although this is wavered for first time buyers who spend £30 or more. I am not sure the exact terms and conditions for yet.

They specialise in selling out-of-date and short dated stock, the dates are put on the description of each product.  They cannot refund you because of the date of a product. How out of date each product is varies so it is worth checking for each item.

Some items offer massive savings whilst others are only reduced slightly.

Overall savings can be made and it is definitely worth a try if you are based in the UK. They also offer an affiliate programme where you are credited with introducing them to your friends etc.

Eat Carefully

Eat carefully, dont waste a crumb. Take pride in establishing this useful habit.
Reduce unnecessary wastage. If you have paid for food then make the most of it. Share with friends and family and those in need as is appropriate but not the dustbin, not the floor.

Don't wolf your food down, eat with dignity. Chew well to aid digestion so as to gain maximum nutrition.

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

To help establish our financial security we must look very carefully at our outgoing expenses and reduce or eliminate them where we can.

This blog is dedicated towards cutting the weekly food bill. I am going to explore a variety of ways to get cheap and sometimes completely free food.

Every penny saved is like a penny earned and we can use this money to help clear any debts, pay bills, build up savings and invest wisely for a life of financial freedom.

Along with reducing food costs I will try and boost the ethics and health aspects of the food I eat.

If we are willing to give up bad habits and take a fresh look at the food we eat then we can gain some meaningful benefits.