Saturday, 2 February 2013

Reduce Portion Size

A great way to stretch your food budget is to reduce the portion size of your meals. You will really make your food go further if you can make all or at least some of your meal elements smaller.

It is not always easy to get out of your old habitual portion sizes so it may take some concentrated effort to make a positive change.

Think back to your past meals and try to remember what parts were left over. Are there some elements of those meals that tend to be left over or that you struggle to eat because of a feeling of fullness? If so then these are prime targets to be reduced in portion size.

One tactic to gain awareness and control over portion size is to deliberately reduce an element to a very reduced size. For example if you remember leaving chips a few times in the past then next time you prepare a meal with chips cook only 3 or 4 chips. It may not make a for a balnced or enjoyable meal but you are not just after a nice meal you want to gain some realizations about the portion size. After a few meals of a very reduced size then you can slowly increase the portion size back up to a comfortable but still reduced size.

Another tactic is to deliberately eat the reduced portion meal slowly. Savour each bite of food without hurry.

Some portion sizes are easier to control than others. For example if you are pouring some frozen peas into a pan you can exactly decide the size of that element. Other elements of a meal such as a a veggie burger are of a set size set by the manufacturer. Do not be afraid to

Avoid accidently large portion sizes.

Sometimes when we are are pouring out  food such as peas or chips from a bag, powders or liquids we accidently pour too much. Avoid this by using a spoon or ladle. If you do pour then do so very slowly and carefully. Aim fo slightly less than what you want. If you have poured out too much then is it possible to put some back?

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